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Ubiquity of Microorganisms

Ever wondered how many bad bacteria you accumulate from your day-to day routine? While we cannot see these microorganisms with the naked eye, they are in fact present everywhere and we cannot escape them. Bacteria are most likely to grow in places that are unhygienic. They also have the ability to spread fast which can be detrimental to our health since they can make us sick. This poses a problem as these microorganisms linger around places we least expect them to and things we most likely touch every day.

Examples of these common household items that are infested with millions of bacteria besides the toilet seat are our dish cloths and sponges, kitchen sink, towels, cutting boards, toothbrushes, door knobs, light switches, and this particular item we all probably touch the most everyday: our cell phones.

Our phones are dirtier than we think. A study conducted in UK suggested that our phones exceeded the acceptable total viable bacterial count level. They are in fact 18 times dirtier than the public restroom toilet flush and are most probably carrying fecal matters. The bacteria present in our phones are easily passed around whenever we hand our phones to friends or borrow theirs to browse through photos. These bacteria can make us sick and also cause acne whenever we press our mobile phones against our cheek to take calls.

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